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A little about us

Queen City Beauty Group is located in Charlotte NC and is dedicated to your skin health and beauty needs. Our goal is to be a resource and ally for advancing the understanding, practice, and management of skin. We know that in the internet age there can be a lot of information to sift through when deciding what treatments are right for your skin. Let us help you navigate and understand your skin type, what treatments and products would best serve you, as well as what things to avoid in order to maintain beautiful and healthy skin! If you have any questions regarding our treatments, membership, products, or protocols please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What our clients are saying

Nichelle really is such a talented & knowledgable businesswoman. She takes care of all of my skincare needs as well as my teeth whitening! I would recommend her to anyone I know because I trust her with all of my needs
— Lindsey Carinder
“I have incredibly sensitive and acne-prone skin, so I rarely treat my face to any type of luxury for fear of breaking out. After using the Queen’s Cloth with my usual face soap, I immediately felt a difference. My skin was so soft, I couldn’t stop touching it! The Queen’s Cloth made my boring face soap feel like the ultimate luxury. It’s something that I look forward to using every day. It’s easy to travel with, easy to clean, hangs neatly in my shower in between uses, and SO easy on your wallet. I cannot recommend the Queen’s Cloth enough!”
— Cassandra D'Alessio
I had an amazing birthday facial that left my skin dewy soft and glowing! This woman is a professional and a queen in every sense. Go ahead, indulge!
— Tracy Frank

Queen City Beauty Group is amazing. Nichelle is very talented & knowledgable, and her products are the real deal- high quality!
So proud to have this amenity for our residents and the Charlotte community
— Brett Allison

I was very hesitant at first going to Queen City Beauty Group. As a man I never understood the importance of skin care (to this level). That changed quickly after describing issues I was having and hearing solutions for various irritations. Since my first visit those solutions have improved my skin to levels I’m not sure I have ever seen as a adult. I recommend and trust you will enjoy your experience from the moment you enter the facility.
— Dale R.

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